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Read what clients say about WillowSageTarot.

Carolina Rincon
Medellin, Colombia
Andy is very professional in reading the cards. My reading was therapeutic, no divination. She was completely right about my situation and blockages. I am really surprised at how accurate she is. I will keep her in mind for further consultations and I will recommend her with all certainty among my friends.
Linda B.
Florida, USA
Thanks you Andy for reading the cards to me. Many things that you told me are true and that is how I feel right now, but I have faith in what you told me and I know that everything will get better soon and I will be able to meet my family again. Thanks a lot I really appreciate it.
Carolina Giraldo
Bogota, Colombia
I have always liked the esoteric subjects, in fact I have strong knowledge in card reading, but what I found in WillowSage Tarot was absolutely fascinating, her assertiveness, the way of explaining and narrating the card reading is very good. I recommend it 100%.
Teresa P.
Madeira Island, Portugal
I am deeply grateful for the interpretation that Andy did on my reading. I particularly enjoyed the positive insights and I could feel resonance while listening to her. The reading has ended with a sense of hope that pleased me very much. Many thanks Andy!
Iván Cueva R.
Quito, Ecuador
Andy I am very grateful for your reading. It really was my first experience with Tarot but nevertheless I was pleasantly surprised with how accurate the cards were in relation to what I am going through right now. You are really good at it and I thank you for it from the bottom of my heart.
D. Moreno
Kentucky, USA
In my reading I connected not only with the cards but also with Andy and his beautiful energy. The reading helped me clarify some doubts that my intuition already had in me, but it also made me see some other aspects of myself that I was not seeing. Thank you Thank you Thank you to Andy and her team of light. Blessings
Rosa Esquivel
Saltillo, Mexico
The reading Andy gave me was clear and true, everything she told me was truthful without having told her anything, only my name. The reading left me very calm and more relaxed. I appreciate it and I confirm that everything that Andy says was helpful. Thank you very much!
Oscar C.
London, Canada
Hello. My name is Oscar C. and for things in the universe, I had the opportunity to consult Andy and her tarot cards. The experience was wonderful, she was very accurate in her reading. Thank you Andy. Blessings!
Eddie Villamizar
Caracas, Venezuela
I have known Andy for many years and she has always been very smart! At first I was a little skeptical, however I decided to give it a go. Andy gave me a tarot reading on January 18 and on January 27 2022, only 10 days later, all her predictions came true, and I was left speechless, of the things as they happened! 100% recommended!
Carmen Castrejon
Simi Valley, California, USA
I have been trying to understand various things in my life for a long time. When talking to Andy I realized that everything that is happening to me is part of a transformation, and the more I cling to that past the less I will be able to move forward. Andy is a very wise person and she helped me feel better. The way she reads the tarot cards is almost therapeutic. Andy was able to get several things right about my life without me having to explain anything to her. I also loved that she was honest with me and didn't give me false hope; Only the truth. If you really want a guided reading with integrity and trust, I recommend talking to Andy.
Safala Safar
Tarot reading session with Andy was gifted to me by my best friend. And I would say that it was the best gift I ever received. The energy reading she did for me gave me crystal clear clarifications on the long-term questions that were confusing me. It was pure guidance that I received from her. And the reading depicted my life in visuals. She made sure that I was comfortable and relaxed throughout. The highlight of her sessions is that she is a great listener and understands our emotions, which is necessary for us to get divine guidance. I am so grateful to Andy for divinely guiding me. I am working on everything she suggested. May God always bless you dear Andy for your goodness ❤️
Natalia R.
Medellin, Colombia
It was a wonderful and reflective moment. I had never experienced a tarot reading because I thought it was more of a divination-oriented subject and it scared me. During the session I discovered that it is not like that, that it is more a "study" focused on current energies or situations and on how you should direct or redirect them according to the advice that the angels send you so that you can obtain your balance. Andy's interpretation and accompaniment were totally successful, she transmits everything in such a special way that makes you feel peace and tranquility during the reading.
J. Andrade
Ontario, Canada
Andy's reading was a very good experience. I asked an specific question and the answer was very clear and precise. I really liked her attitude and her efficiency with her work. I definitely recommend her. Thank you Andy for your help!
Jesus Hernandez
Nebraska, USA
I am a skeptical person about subjects that I do not know. I did not imagine that the reading would turn into a wake-up call towards me. My reading was an open, which means that there were no questions on any topic, the cards just fell and did their job of warning me of various situations about my personal life, ending with a couple of tips to improve my quality of life. At this point I could not believe the fact that one of my best kept problems came to light. It was a wonderful experience, the cards and the message that came from them was clear and concise. I can assure you that it was a good experience, the message was beneficial and today I can assure you that thanks to this reading I have just taken a job that will improve my current monetary condition. Being afraid of the unknown is fine, I don't blame you, the same thing happened to me, but I guarantee you are in good hands. Blessings for all!
Horacio Prada
Texas, USA
Receptive, correct and very human, were sensations that I noticed in Andy in the Tarot reading. His gift of words, his security and clarity in reading, offer confidence that his perceptions are real and sincere. I wouldn't hesitate to check it out again. Thank you Andy.