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Hello, I’m Andy!

I welcome you to WillowSageTarot! My name is Andy and you can also call me Willow if you so prefer.

On this occasion I would like to tell you a little about myself and how my interest in spirituality and everything related to the study of extra sensory experiences began. I was born in Costa Rica and grew up in Colombia in a non-traditional Catholic family, where religion, paranormal phenomena, spirituality and life after death were discussed in a very natural way.

My grandfather was a medical doctor by profession and had a keen interest in the study and understanding of paranormal activities. He was one of the founding members of the “Hypnotherapy Society” of Medellín, Colombia in 1963. He achieved very positive results helping patients suffering from chronic pain, addictions, anxiety and depression among other ailments, with the use of hypnosis.  A trance-like state of mind whereby focus and concentration are greatly increased, allowing the therapist to access parts of the patient’s conscious and unconscious mind and provide guided suggestions to help achieve therapeutic goals. On certain occasions my grandfather also helped release “negative energies” that disturbed some of his relatives.

I guess that was the inspiration for many of us as  children in my family, who enjoyed playing hypnotize!

But these stories were not told to me by my grandfather, since he died when I was very young, they were told to me by some of my relatives and in greater detail by a cousin of my mother, who from an early age noticed that he was a “medium”. Although she knew this term many years later, she had the ability to communicate with the spirits of deceased people.

My mom, for her part, was a highly intuitive person and talked about everything related to esoteric topics as if it were something normal in everyday life, so I always had a great curiosity and an open mind about it. I used to play “Telepathy” with her, which consists of sending and receiving messages just using the power of the mind. I had a lot of fun and felt that it was relatively easy, over time I discovered that it worked very well only between the two.

Later during my adolescence, that same cousin that I told you about earlier, delighted me for hours with all kinds of stories about spirits and how I could see them, talk to them, listen to them and sometimes even touch some tiny magical beings that visited her unexpectedly. The stories were both fascinating and terrifying to me, she thought and prayed in my mind that they would not appear to me.

I have always had a lot of respect for these issues and since I studied elementary school with nuns and with priests in high school, I felt a little guilty for wanting to know more about it and I wondered if God would be angry with me for that; later I understood that God is love and supports our interest in understanding life and the world around us.

During almost all my childhood and part of my adolescence I was a sleepwalker and I had all kinds of strange and repetitive dreams, and on many occasions vivid dreams, where I recovered my conscious state within a dream without being able to wake up until it was over. It seemed that my conscious and subconscious mind worked in a very different and at times chaotic way. I still have memories of times when I felt very afraid at bedtime; Over time I managed to learn to relax more and both the cyclical nightmares and the sleepwalking disappeared.

My interest in getting to know more deeply how our subconscious mind works became more evident when I began to study the meaning of dreams or the “Dream” world, since it was at that time that I learned that our unconscious is responsible for 95% of our behaviors leaving only 5% to our conscious mind, which to this day never ceases to amaze me.

Around the time of my adolescence, an uncle who was like a father to me began to tell me about the Angels and how they could help us in all aspects of our lives and offer us their protection. He taught me the “castling” prayer that I pray with great fervor and confidence in the mornings.

The house where I grew up had a large collection of interesting books, where I learned various topics such as astral travel, reincarnation and karma among others. During the last two years of high school I met a pair of twins who were practitioners of the “Tao” they very kindly taught me about their beliefs and shared much of their knowledge with me.

I enjoyed going with them to the headquarters where they met with the rest of the Taoist community and that was also one of the most beautiful experiences of my life that I still remember, although I never became a practitioner, but rather a curious visitor that went well tolerated by everyone in that group.

I liked to see the great sense of community and camaraderie that they transmitted, their humility and kindness, many concepts of the Tao I still remember and treasure. My visits ended during my university life and when my student and work load became heavier.

It was not until many years later that I met in Canada a clinical psychologist, theologian and priest of the Anglican church who had been a Buddhist monk in Sri Lanka, we became very good friends and decided to do an exchange in which I taught him Spanish and he was telling me about Buddhism.

Our sessions soon turned into extensive philosophical talks, the continuous flow of ideas and possibilities that our minds navigated during those years of weekly talks was fascinating. His great generosity with knowledge, a wonderful ability to describe in detail some of the experiences lived with the other monks, and his study of Buddhism as the basis of many religions completely fascinated me.

That great friend made me see that I had a certain gift and the ability to connect with the emotions and feelings of other people at a very deep level and bring a kind of intuitive healing that can be achieved with time, disposition and practices. suitable; this gave me more self-confidence to continue studying these topics. He and I still have a beautiful friendship and he is one of the greatest mentors I have ever had in this lifetime and perhaps others.

In more recent times I had a very painful experience with someone who I came to consider very close to me; in tarot we call this type of situation a “tower” moment, the tower card shows us a building that collapses and the people who inhabited it jump into the void in an act of both desperation and liberation.

That made my interest in spirituality, metaphysics and everything that goes beyond what we can perceive with our senses, rekindle the flame of my curiosity, I wanted to be able to help people going through a similar situation and I needed to heal myself.

A great friend of years is a tarot reader and on several occasions she offered to read me the cards, I admit that initially I was a little skeptical but I was intrigued to know what she could tell me about the crisis in which I found myself, she gave me several very accurate readings that left me surprised and for that reason I decided to formally ask him to teach me how to interpret the tarot.

She was my first teacher on this topic, later I followed several courses offered by a Spanish school of tarot with a great track record and today I continue to train daily, mainly in tarot, numerology and astrology. The tarot is something that you never stop learning and being part of groups, symposiums and tarot talks worldwide continues to be a very enriching experience for me.

This same friend recommended me a book about angels and archangels, I was very interested in the part where the author and professor of angelic therapy spoke about her experience with the tarot as one of the most used methods of communication with these wonderful beings.

That was how I resumed my studies about angels, intuitive healing and my great current passion, which is the tarot as a tool to channel precise messages full of light that angels, archangels, ascended masters, beings of light and above all God give me. they give the wonderful opportunity to receive and share during a spiritual channeling and tarot reading.


I bless you in light and I thank you for taking the time to read a little about me and part of my life story. I hope with all my heart that I can help you find peace, love, harmony and forgiveness in your life.

Andy “WillowSage” ❤

Sun: Cancer


Moon: Capricorn


Venus: Leo


Rising: Aries


The Archangels

The Angels and the Archangels are beings of light that act as intermediaries between God and the beings that inhabit this earthly plane.

They are the powerful army of God, which he himself has destined to help us in all aspects of our lives, although you can establish a connection with God directly for some of us it is easier to perceive the angelic messages that reach us daily because these wonderful beings of light are on a plane closer to earth and their presence is omnipresent which allows them to be in many places at once assisting those who need them and ask for their help.

During my readings and spiritual channeling, beings of light (Angels, archangels, ascended masters, spirit guides and above all God) are called to help me receive, through my intuition and tarot interpretation, clear and concise messages that can contribute to the well-being and healing of my client.

Archangel Saint Michael

Archangel Michael is the presence that I can feel the most during my therapeutic or predictive tarot sessions, perhaps because he is the archangel with whom I have felt a greater connection throughout my life, he leads the heavenly army. He offers advice and protection in an infallible way, making sure that good always prevails over evil.

I perceive him as a masculine energy with a strong presence, who communicates directly and clearly, I personally feel that he is like a protective brother who never they go off on tangents and tell you the truth even if it’s not what you expected.

Ask Archangel Michael to wrap you in a sphere of protection every day, and you will feel a very beautiful energy that will accompany you in all daily activities, giving you greater security and a feeling of constant company.

Archangel Saint Uriel

Archangel Uriel is known as the Archangel of wisdom and illumination, invoking his help will give us greater mental clarity and the ability to discern the path we must choose to meet our life mission and everything we want to undertake.

I have felt her energy in a softer and sometimes somewhat shy way, I get the feeling that her feminine energy is very high and she tends to be a little more subtle with her answers.

Without a doubt having her participation during a session will provide greater ability to understand the messages that reach us and a very spiritual approach when giving advice.

Archangel Saint Raphael

Better known as the archangel of healing, this very powerful being of light, can assist us in our mental, spiritual, ethereal and physical healing, an essential help that we should not overlook.

I fervently believe in this archangel and I often like to include him in my sessions, so that through it I receive messages of great healing and repairing power that benefit my consultant.

Lighting a light green candle with the intention of working on the healing of all aspects of your life with the help of Uriel gives a sedation of harmony and balance to our home.

Archangel Saint Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel is better known as the archangel of birth and death, he has a delicate task of accompanying human beings during birth so that the soul does not reject the body and likewise assist during death to make the separation between this earthly world and the spiritual world a little more bearable.

We can also request his help during a session, especially on issues related to love, which is very useful in most consultations and on past life issues such as soul connections.


It should be noted that the presence of many other beings of light can be part of a spiritual channeling and tarot reading, since each session is a unique and unrepeatable experience.

Infinite thanks to all my spirit guides who make these wonderful experiences possible.